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Celebrating Results

26 Nov 2020 | Branding, News

Celebrating the end of this challenging but also full of achievements year, AdviseU’s Marketing Area launches the new brand (logo) of the company.
Despite the great challenge we all have faced in 2020, AdviseU was succeed in so many other achievements that we decided to celebrate. In mid-March of this year, when no one knew exactly what to do, the company’s board of directors made sound decisions. With a lot of creativity and looking at the future, the decision to prepare the company for the future, improving internal processes, improving the training and certifications of all professionals, as well as creating new services, obtaining new partnerships, were the difference.
It is hard to know which is the best choice when making decisions, but after surprising achievements in this last quarter, it is easy to say that they were the most correct decisions. And to celebrate the new AdviseU that will come in 2021 we needed to have a new look: much more modern, clear, and technological.

Talking about the AdviseU Brand

This new brand takes the existing hexagons, but now we see them through a new angle. In a three-dimensional look, he sees that the hexagon is nothing more than a crystal seen from the top down.
This crystal symbolizes each work developed to our customers, going through all stages of polishing. When a challenge comes to our hands, we see it as a raw crystal, and we work as the customer demands, until it reaches a satisfactory result, that is, cut crystal and ready to perform the most accurate services in technology.
Maybe you never have heard the whole explanation of why the company is called AdviseU, and today we would like to take this opportunity to do so:
AdviseU New Brand Identity: "advise"

“advise”: to Advise, Inform, Recommend.

AdviseU New Brand Identity: "U"
“U”: it is informally an abbreviation of the word “You”. That is − “Made for you”. The reason for everything to happen.
AdviseU New Brand Identity: the 4 values

The four sides of this crystal mean the company’s values ​​that add up when developing any service for you. We are talking about Responsibility, Flexibility, Determination and Respect. Therefore, each facet of the crystal has a different shade of orange.

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