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Open Bank.U

Based on Open Source Platforms

Everything you need to participate in Open Banking with Open Source solutions

Open Bank.U | Open Banking da AdviseU

Open Bank.U: More Affordable and Easier

The only 99% solution based on Open Source Platforms, which allows technological migration to be much more accessible. In addition, it has the support of a specialized team and a member of the Brazil Central Bank

AdviseU Open Bank.U Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Open Bank.U is ready for FAPI and CIBA security protocols. The mechanisms are modular, which allows them to be used both in the Open Banking Brasil ecosystem and in other applications

API Sandbox

Make your Open Banking implementation an internal Sandbox. This allows you to test your exposed APIs to ensure security and quality in data exposure

API Sandbox | Open Bank.U
Mock Bank | Open Bank.U

Mock Bank

Simulate the consumption of the APIs of another participants in Open Banking Brasil, within your own environment. With Mock Bank, you can simulate consent flows and run APIs for all phases

Cloud Native

Choose the environment of your choice: place Open Bank.U in your infrastructure or use our Smartfy cloud. Also feel free to choose AWS, Google Cloud or Azure

Cloud Native | Open Bank.U
Consent Management | Open Bank.U

Consent Management

Manage the consents granted to you. Control which accesses are granted and expiration dates automatically

Facilitated Integrations

Open Bank.U can be integrated with the most diverse technologies, from the most recent, based on standards such as REST, to the oldest, such as socket connections

Integrations | Open Bank.U
API Gateway | Open Bank.U

API Gateway + Security

Securely expose all Open Banking APIs, with the possibility of including cyber security standards such as SOC, penetration testing and firewall access protections

Some of our financial sector clients

Cetelem do Brasil
Banco Toyota do Brasil
Banco ABC
HDI Seguros

Talk to a Specialized Consultant about Open Bank.U right now

You can speak with one of our Consultants on Whatsapp, through the number +55 (11) 3042-0238 or by clicking on the button below

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