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Open Source Technologies are very attractive. They have enormous technological variety and extreme technical quality, in addition to the real ability to transform your company’s business.

Technology Team - AdviseU Managed Services
Generally, the use starts with a technical team that, in the search for the best solution to a problem, selects the technologies that can increase the capacity of your system and bring benefits during development.
Deployment challenges - AdviseU Managed Services
However, after developing the system, going through an incessant phase of testing and evaluating the quality of the software, it’s time to go into production. So, this is where the challenges of sustaining Open Source technologies become inevitable.
AdviseU - The extension of your technology team

AdviseU works with Consulting and Training to the most popular technologies on the market, so you can see us as the extension of your technology team to support all challenges.

Specialized Services for Any Requirement

Find out more how we can help you, according to the line of action. We support the services of all technology needs

Adviseu Managed Services for Containers

Container Managers

Container Managers
Container Managers | OPEN SOURCE & ENTERPRISE Solutions

Deploy and run distributed applications, without the need to configure a VM. Make it possible to perform deployments and application scheduling more easily. In addition, through container virtualization, provide an isolated and lightweight environment to run the desired solution. Contact us and find out how AdviseU can help you with container management.

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Kubernetes OKD Rancher Docker

Adviseu Managed Services for NoSQL + Big Data

Big Data

NoSQL & Big Data

These are technologies and software that store, process and extract information from the large volume of data from different sources. Thus, the goal of Big Data is to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information, for the sake of better decision making. In fact, it includes the ability to interpret data in high volumes at once, in addition to assisting in visualizing future situations (events). Contact us and learn how AdviseU can help you with Databases.

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Redis MongoDB Apache Kafka

Adviseu Managed Services for API Management + Microservices

API & Microservices

API & Microservices
API & Microservices | OPEN SOURCE & ENTERPRISE Solutions

Work with API and Microservice Management and have advantages such as the integration of systems and applications in a simple and agile way, innovation in products and services, the reduction of manual work and greater security. In addition, data interconnection and interdependence provide an overview of the business. Contact us and learn how AdviseU can help you with managing APIs and Microservices.

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Kong Smartfy Axway

Adviseu Managed Services for Streaming + Messaging

Streaming & Messaging

Streaming & Messaging
Streaming & Messaging | OPEN SOURCE & ENTERPRISE Solutions

Basically, it is the processing of data streams from various sources and their delivery to several customers. It is a widely used type of integration, known as the synchronous method, which uses APIs to share data between different users. Thus, the method involves the replication of data in intermediate storage, which makes it possible to share it between several teams and the respective applications. Contact us and learn how AdviseU can help you with streaming and messaging.

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Redis Apache Kafka

Adviseu Managed Services for Relacional Database

Relacional Database

Relacional Database
Relacional Database | OPEN SOURCE & ENTERPRISE Solutions

As technology advances, more and more data sets become valuable assets in companies. Likewise, the way they are insured, consulted and recovered, the performance and speed of these transactions are also of high value. Contact us and find out how AdviseU can help you with Relational Databases.

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Redis mongoDB Apache Kafka

Adviseu Managed Services for Cloud



Currently, Digital Transformation is seen as mandatory for companies that wish to maintain their competitive strength. We generally also define it as the incorporation of digital technologies, such as Cloud Computing Softwares, task automators, mobile applications and other resources. And this process results in major changes in the way that technologies operate. Contact us and learn how AdviseU can help you with Cloud solutions.

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AWS Smart Cloud Azure cloudYstorm Google Cloud IBM Cloud Oracle Cloud

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The Most Popular Applications on the Market

See below all the applications we support, between Open Source and Enterprise

Redis Community - Opensource at AdviseU

Redis Community

Count on the fastest database in the world, which stores in memory (licensed by BSD) and also functions as a message broker. At the same time, it supports data such as strings, hashes, lists, sets classified with range queries, bitmaps, HyperLogLog and geolocation. In addition, it offers high availability through Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster.

Kubernetes - Opensource at AdviseU


With this feature, you automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. And yet, it groups those that make up an application into logical units, which facilitates the management and discovery of services. He has 15 years of experience in production execution at Google, while combining the best ideas and practices in the community.

Apache Cassandra - Opensource at AdviseU

Apache Cassandra

It’s the right choice when it comes to scalability and high availability, without sacrificing performance. Since linear scalability and fault tolerance are proven on common hardware or cloud infrastructure. That’s why Cassandra is the perfect platform for mission-critical data. In addition, it supports replication across multiple data centers, offers low latency to its users and the peace of mind of surviving regional outages.

Apache Kafka - Opensource at AdviseU

Apache Kafka

Based on the principles of a messaging system, Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. At first, it was implemented as a messaging system to create a robust data pipeline. But over time, it has evolved into a complete streaming platform, which offers the basic capabilities to implement real-time processing applications. It features three options: Kafka Client APIs, Kafka Connect, or Kafka Streams.

okd - Opensource at AdviseU


It works as a “personalized” distribution of Kubernetes. Above all, OKD stands for “Origin Kubernetes Distribution” and was created by Red Hat. It certainly provides for a more optimized Kubernetes distribution, for traditional processes in cloud-based environments, such as multi-tenancy applications and continuous distribution and integration processes. In other words: OKD is a Kubernetes optimized by Red Hat.

Kong Community - Opensource at AdviseU

Kong Community

It is the most popular open source API gateway in the world. Supports multiple clouds and hybrid environments, it has been optimized for microservices and distributed architectures. In addition, the Kong Gateway is built on a lightweight proxy, which offers unmatched latency performance and scalability for all microservice applications, regardless of where they run. Exercise thorough control over your traffic with the Kong Gateway plug-in architecture.

Red Hat 3scale - Opensource at AdviseU

Red Hat 3scale

Certainly, Red Hat 3scale API Management makes it easy to manage APIs. Share, protect, distribute, manage and monetize your APIs through an infrastructure platform designed to deliver performance, customer control and future growth. Undoubtedly, implement 3scale components on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

MongoDB - Opensource at AdviseU


It is a database of JSON type documents. It is probably the most natural way of looking at data, as well as being much more expressive and powerful than the traditional table model. It is a data platform that has a comprehensive set of tools, which makes working with data extremely easy, both for developers and for data analysts and scientists.

Elasticsearch - Opensource at AdviseU


Undoubtedly, Elasticsearch provides search solutions that allow thousands of companies around the world, from startups to global companies, to find documents, monitor infrastructure, protect against security threats and more. These solutions were developed on a single stack of flexible technology, which can be deployed anywhere.

Redis Enterprise at AdviseU

Redis Enterprise

It is a robust in-memory database platform. Maintains Redis’ simplicity and high performance, while adding linear scaling, local latency replication, Flash Redis for dynamic data layers, persistent memory and SSD to reduce costs and time. And it also has methods like RediSearch, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, RedisBloom and RedisAI. All of this while keeping the database latency very low.

Kong Enterprise at AdviseU

Kong Enterprise

Kong Enterprise mediates an organization’s information across all services. The technology allows customers to simplify the management of APIs and microservices in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. So, proactively identify anomalies and threats, automate tasks and improve visibility across the organization.

Axway API Management - Enterprise Technology at AdviseU

Axway API Management

Axway AMPLIFY provides the most important features of hybrid integration, which accelerate the discovery, use and implementation of new integrations. So, through this feature, remove the integration barriers that can slow the customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

APIgee - Enterprise Technology at AdviseU


It is a platform for development and management of APIs. APIgee enables services with a proxy layer and, thus, offers an abstraction or facade for the back end service APIs, in addition to security, rate limitation, quotas, analysis and much more.

Smartfy - Enterprise Technology at AdviseU


Smartfy platform offers flexible tools and resources, which allow the complete development of applications. All on a hybrid integration platform, and you can configure any of these integrations in an easy and uncomplicated way. And it also allows you to quickly build, execute and manage microservices through the Cloud.

Smart Cloud - Enterprise Technology at AdviseU

Smart Cloud

It is an intelligent Cloud platform, which offers its customers the ability to manage their own computing resources and according to their needs.

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