How SUSE and Rancher are Powering the Future of Enterprise

18 Jan 2021 | News, Open Source, Rancher, SUSE

Source: Forbes
As organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, they are increasingly embracing the power, affordability and versatility of open source software.
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of executives surveyed by SUSE and Forbes Insights agree that open source solutions provide their organizations a competitive edge

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of executives have increased their adoption of open source solutions over the past three years

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of executives say open source technologies will be critical to their tech initiatives over the next five years

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Almost Half

of executives have been using open source solutions for more than six years

Giving Customers the Freedom to Innovate Everywhere

Now, the combination of two leading open source providers will open even more possibilities for organizations. SUSE, the leader in enterprise Linux, is acquiring Rancher, the leader in Kubernetes container management, together delivering a revolutionary approach to open source that gives customers the freedom to innovate everywhere.
While other vendors attempt to lock their customers into heavy and monolithic technology stacks, we are putting the ‘open’ back in ‘open source’. SUSE offers a strong yet modular approach to open source software, which lets customers transform at their own pace. We are also the only one in the world to manage any certified Kubernetes distribution. SUSE puts all the control in our customers’ hands to innovate everywhere – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond – giving them unmatched agility to tackle their challenges today, and the freedom to evolve their strategy and solutions tomorrow.
Melissa Di Donato


Open source drivers value for business leaders by making their organizations more agile and providing access to cutting-edge technologies. Together with SUSE, we are committed to making a significant impact on enterprise businesses across the globe. We collaborate with each of our customers on their cloud native journeys as they modernize their applications and infrastrutuctures to achieve their digital transformation goals.
Sheng Liang

Former CEO, Rancher | President, Engineering & Innovation, SUSE


Turning Customers And Partners Into Innovation Heroes

Here’s a look at how five prominent organizations – Amazon Web Services, Dell Technologies, T-Systems, Fujitsu and ZAMG – have been leveraging open source technologies and how the SUSE and Rancher combination will enable even more possibilities.

Amazon Web Services

Helping Customers Leverage and Modernize Applications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing a robust platform for running applications on SUSE that has dynamically scalable compute power, analytics services, messaging capabilities, on-demand storage and development tools. “Open source is important to our customers and we strive to make our customers’ favorite open source projects and solutions run best on AWS,” says Peder Ulander, head of enterprise and developer marketing at AWS.
The coming together of SUSE and Rancher greatly expands what customers will be able to access via the AWS Cloud and enables the deployment of containers to rapidly transition between on-premise and cloud environments. “This will enable SUSE customers to be more agile since they’ll be able to use the same application development platform to build on premises or in the cloud,” says Ulander.

New Possibilities Through the Power of Many

With this alliance, SUSE will give customers the ability to easily build and extend container-based enterprise applications with Rancher’s software portfolio while using a range of AWS compute, database, analytics, machine learning and various application services. By collaborating with SUSE, we offer choice and flexibility to our customers and enable them to run validated services from SUSE and Rancher while still running on AWS’ reliable cloud platform. SUSE and AWS will also work together to provide a single support path backed by both companies so customers can run their applications in production with confidence.
Peder Ulander

Head of Enterprise and Developer Marketing, Amazon Web Services

Dell Technologies

Helping Governments Move Into the Digital World

To better serve citizens, government agencies are accelerating their digital transformation efforts by turning to open source and companies like Dell Technologies to help modernize their existing infrastructures.
Key to these transformations is the deployment of Kubernetes-managed containers, now offered by SUSE and Rancher, which allow agencies to break down legacy, monolithic applications and enable mission-critical applications to run across a variety of end-user devices from smartphones to tablets and other endpoints.

Open Source, Open Systems, Maximum Flexibility

Dell Technologies
As government agencies begin their digital transformation journeys, a strategy utilizing containers and Kubernetes has been an extraordinary help. Partnerships like this create an open architecture and open systems that are critical for our mission partners. They ensure maximum flexibility to support mission execution, lower total cost of ownership for agencies as they move into a more digitally aware world and increase agility to more quickly meet mission needs.
Cameron Chehreh

Federal CTO, Dell Technologies


Improving Customer Experience Through Edge Computing

For T-Systems, the IT services and consulting subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, a comprehensive open source software stack, including the combination of an operating system of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP and Rancher’s lightweight Kubernetes distribution K3s, have been key to improving their customer experience and supporting a growing roster of high-capacity enterprise and edge computing offerings.
As traditional manufacturing becomes more automated and reshapes the world in which we live in, T-Systems is supporting the expected rise in smart factories and production systems that exchange real-time information by leveraging Kubernetes within its edge computing platform, EdgAIR.
This integration is enabling T-Systems’ customers to run applications and process performance data directly on factory hardware, which dramatically reduces latency and operational costs while improving productivity.
One major European industrial robotics company, for example, is employing T-Systems and Rancher to run software close to its robots to enable remote support, predictive maintenance and data caching.

Possibilities With No Limitations

Open source technology is an important pillar in our cloud ecosystem. [The SUSE/Rancher combination will not only allow us to] offer a Kubernetes runtime which runs on a different Linux, but both stacks, which will lead to more efficiency and a better customer experience. It’s important for us to be scalable, and the additional application management and edge fleet management services will immensely help us and our customers be more effective and efficient.
Frank Strecker

SPV, Public Cloud Managed Services and Big Data, T-Systems


Building a Human-Centric Government

Open source doesn’t just make the jobs of technology professionals easier, it also makes information and computing resources more accessible to the stakeholders who need them most, paving the way to the democratization of technology and accelerating cloud adoption.
Jason Daniels, CTO for law and order at Fujitsu UK, believes this democratization of technology will ultimately lead to a “human-centric government” where everyone, not just developers, can participate and make use of information resources.
“Rancher democratizes the Kubernetes layer, which is seen as super complex and difficult to deploy or consume in multiple locations,” says Daniels. “It provides a really simple, common interface that developers can use to build applications, but at the same time, allowing business users access to real-time information. It’s a multi-persona platform that meets the needs of different parts of the organization.”
The SUSE and Rancher combination will take this a step further, providing a rich and scalable backend on which developers can design and deploy applications.

Agile Innovation to Build Trust

With Rancher and SUSE Enterprise Linux underneath, you can innovate quickly, design and respond to system demand, make changes and then deploy and scale your workloads extremely quickly anywhere in the world. This is people-powered and technology is there as a catalyst for innovation.
Jason Daniels

CTO, Law and Order, Fujitsu UK


Harnessing Intelligent Insights

ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik), the world’s oldest public weather service, has been leveraging open source solutions such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC to crunch weather data, predict weather events and make decisions before destruction occurs.
With SUSE’s acquisition of Rancher, ZAMG will be able to take this capability to new heights, analyzing 100,000 data sets per minute and deploying containerized applications to access and share data that can ultimately save lives.
“Through the combined SUSE-Rancher stack, we will be able to connect various systems and utilities into an intelligent network that can automatically respond, in real time, to events,” says Günther Tschabuschnig, CIO of ZAMG. “For example, if there is an earthquake in the southern part of Austria, we will be able to transport this information in a matter of seconds to a system that will stop a train in the earthquake’s path.”
Achieving a feat like that requires combining, delivering and sharing data with all relevant parties. With SUSE and Rancher, ZAMG will be able to safely aggregate and analyze various data sets at lightning speed.

Fast and Connected Data to Save Lives

What we do is not just forecasting or predictions; we combine data with other data and deliver that data all around the world into services and processes. So fast, clear and safe delivery of data is very important for us and delivering large amounts of data on different platforms and ecosystems requires management and high availability, which SUSE and Rancher provide.
Günther Tschabuschnig


Our ability to deliver both innovation and stability guarantees a strong bond of trust between our customers and us. We want to be innovation heroes to our customers so they can be innovation heroes to theirs.
Melissa Di Donato


SUSE, the world’s largest independent open source company, provides unparalleled customer choice and powers digital transformation for the enterprise by simplifying, modernizing and accelerating traditional, cloud and edge solutions. SUSE collaborates with partners, communities and customers to deliver and support solutions that enable mission-critical business outcomes. SUSE’s container and cloud platforms, software-defined infrastructure, artificial intelligence and edge computing solutions allow customers to create, deploy and manage workloads anywhere – on premises, multi-cloud and edge. For more information, visit


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