Webinar: how to implement an IAM for Application and API Management

9 Oct 2020 | IAM, Webinar

Understand the step by step of how to assemble Auth0’s advanced security rules, in a simple and easy way, within Applications layers and Axway API Management.
  • Manage and control the API lifecycle in Axway API Management
  • Create OAuth Token JWT, IAM (Identity and Access Management) and CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) to Auth0

Webinar Content

We demystified the challenge of using a powerful IAM solution to protect your APIs. We presented, step by step, this integration that has generated many doubts in the people who come to us.
  • Create a user in Auth0 for authentication
  • Configure and test the security of an API in Auth0 to control authorization
  • Create an API in Axway API Manager
  • Create integrated security policies
  • Generate the token and test the API accesses

In addition, several doubts were clarified with Fernando Rocha, solution architect at AdviseU, one of the experts in Advanced Security within the company. Watch the recorded webinar right now. Enjoy!

*This webinar was broadcast in Brazilian Portuguese

Fernando Rocha - Solution Architect at AdviseU photo

With more than 17 years working in technology, Fernando Rocha has vast technical knowledge in APIs, B2B, B2C and MFT.

He acts as Head of services and pre-sales, in the most diverse segments of the financial sector, telecommunications, retail, industry, health, automobile and others.

Participated in projects in the largest companies in Brazil in the banking and telecommunications segment, in digital transformation projects, API Management, IAM, OAuth, DevOps and others.


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